Dealing with Grief

“It’s just a dog”.

I’ve heard this many times and frankly I feel sorry for people who share this opinion.

Anyone who loves dogs has more than likely suffered the grief associated with death. It’s very difficult for people who don’t feel the same way about dogs to understand the pain and loss we feel.

There are many different forms of grief. How you deal with grief depends on how you were raised, the circumstances of death, religious beliefs and personalities. We will all grieve differently. The death of a dog can range from sadness to one of the most devastating events in our lives.

Sharing your life with a dog is different from most other animals. The unconditional love, bonding and emotional investment we allow ourselves to experience with a dog can be one of the most satisfying experiences in our lives. Unfortunately dogs don’t live long enough. To some people losing a dog is like losing a family member or a best friend. It can be very difficult for people who have never shared this kind of relationship to understand this type of emotional loss.

There are different types of grief. Some dogs die after long and happy lives. Some dogs die senseless deaths at a young age. Again depending on our own emotional skills and environment, we may know that we gave that dog a good life and miss them very much or we may feel that we can barely go on without our beloved dog.

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