Designer Dogs

What is a “Designer Dog” you ask?

What separates a “mutt” (which comes from unknown lineage) from a designer dog is this:

Take any two Pure Bred dogs, any two, breed them together and what you get is a Designer dog.

When you buy a designer dog just like a designer purse, you may find a costly price to own this unique possession.

Bella, a Lhasa apsoshih tzu cross owned by Liz Young, of Dunedin. Photo by Linda Robertson.

The Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Designer Dog

Let’s say you have always wanted to own a Brussels Griffon and you have also always wanted to own a Poodle. Well, you can now buy a Broodle Griffon. Unfortunately, some breeders claim to fame on these mixed breeds or “hybrids” is that you will get the best of both breeds. Not true. You can also get the worst.

Labradoodles were one of the first designer dogs being bred and sold over 15 years ago. They were advertised as a curly-haired, friendly and outgoing hypoallergenic breed of dog . Even back then the price for one of these dogs went as high as $2,000 US. The truth is Poodles do not shed. However Labs do shed.

LabradoodleA black Labradoodle

The goal of breeding two purebred dogs is to get the best traits of each breed. Put a Labrador and a Poodle together and you may get the best hunting dog ever. However you may also get the worst traits of each breed. Therefore it is important to research each breed and meeting the sire and dam are very important. Don’t assume that your dog will have a great temperament. And with any dog, it doesn’t hurt to seek dog training advice to further ensure a great pet.

Designer dogs have become a huge fad in the US, being swept up by celebrities and other well known people. Popularity grows and as history shows, the dogs also become popular with pet stores and puppy mills.

Designer dog puppy mill

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