How important is it That You Learn to Communicate with Your Dog?

I recently spoke to a man about his dog. He was remarking that his one year old dog has so many behavioral problems because it is still a “puppy”.

I have heard this excuse often. I have met dogs that the owners complained about that were four year old “puppies”. For some reason many people believe that if your dog is a puppy then they don’t have to be well behaved.

Whether your dog is four months or four years, it’s important to learn how to communicate with them. I’m not sure how frustrating it must be to a dog with an owner that won’t attempt this, but I would hate to hear what a dog would really say if they were ever given a voice.

confused dog

Learning how to communicate with your dog:

The eyes of a dog

If you have ever watched dogs they are almost constantly communicating with each other. We as humans only understand a very small part. It’s fascinating to watch the non-verbal eye contact and what response they get.

I recently had a litter of puppies. The mother was inside the box and my older Doberman came to the side of the box to look at the puppies. There was no problem with this. Soon another dog, not a part of our pack, joined the Doberman so see what was inside the box. The mother dog didn’t growl, posture, get up or show any sort of aggression. She just looked at the dog. Not a sideways glance (a term called “whale eye”), no shifting of the head what so ever. She just looked. Immediately the second dog backed away and the mother quickly shifted her attention back to the litter.

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