Nothing Worse Than a Whiner

Unwanted Whining

It is not unusual for people to have problems, particularly with puppies whining all day long. Most puppies will outgrow this behavior.

They generally whine for two reasons. For attention and when they are anxious.

As dogs get older, they are conditioned to whine when feeling discomfort or distress. For example, if a puppy feels it is being left behind its pack, the puppy whines. The whine, like a howl, is a call of distress for the rest of the pack to rejoin or rescue it. This is another form of separation anxiety.

This is no different when a dog leaves its old pack and joins your family. Your new dog will try to communicate with you in the same way. How you and your family react to your dogs whining is the key. You choose to either reinforce or discourage this behavior.

If they want attention, they will continue to whine if that attention attracts a reward. Often the best solution is to ignore the dog completely until the whining stops no matter how long it might take. When the dog realizes that it is not getting the reward it expects from whining it will tend to stop.

However don’t neglect your dog. Make sure to pay attention to your dog when it is behaving. This reinforces good behavior and let’s your dog know there’s no reason for this behavior.

Leaving your dog with suitable toys to play with, fresh food and water can assist, and also getting it used to you being away by starting off with shorter periods apart visiting the dog often will ensure that you will always return. Soon the dog will figure out its being praised for silence.

When to pay attention to a whine

My advice to ignore a whining dog has exceptions. There are times your dog might really be in distress. A good rule of thumb is to pay attention when your dog whines at times and in places it doesn’t normally whine.

If your dog whines when it’s eating or relieving itself, this could be a sign of trouble. Be aware of your dogs actions and if you feel that your dog may be exhibiting discomfort you may want to make a trip to the vet.

And, of course, if your dog is sitting at the door whining, then it probably needs to go outside to relieve itself. This is a good thing, so you should let your dog outside immediately and praise for the signal. If your puppy is whining in the crate, you have to determine if your puppy needs to go out or is just whining for attention. This can be tricky. Many times puppies are very good at teaching owners to open that door just for play or boredom. Learn your puppies schedule and you won’t make this mistake.

Different forms of whining

Paying attention you will also learn there are different types of whining or the way your dog or puppy is “speaking” to you. It’s a good feeling when you start to understand your dogs verbal signals.

Be aware that whining is a form of communication. If you teach your dog that whining is only appropriate in certain circumstances, then you and your dog can live a much more peaceful partnership.

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