Going Raw

Many people have questions about feeding their dogs raw foods. I hear a lot of myths about what is good and not good for your dog. Let’s get down to the real truth about feeding a raw diet to your dogs.

Dogs live longer because they eat commercial dog foods

Many breeds are actually living shorter lives since the creation of processed food.

Feeding raw diets make a dog more aggressive

Some dogs show a higher tenancy for predatory behavior. People would rather blame lack of training and control on diet. Many dogs that eat commercial dog foods still hunt and even kill small animals. As a matter of fact, many people report that once the dog is put on a raw diet they actually calm down because they are receiving a better diet.

Veterinarians are experts on pet nutrition

Most veterinary schools only provide a few hours on pet nutrition. However some veterinarians chose to learn more about nutrition since food is of basic importance to a dog’s health. Others rely on pet food companies to tell them what is appropriate.

Raw diets are not nutritionally balanced

Raw foods contain the exact amount of proteins, vitamins, fats, minerals and enzymes a dog requires for optimal health.

Raw foods contain health risks to humans

Yes. Raw foods contain bacteria, however if you handle preparation and cleaning the same way you would preparing any other meats, there is no worry.

Raw food is too expensive and too much trouble

Yes. Pouring kibble in a bowl is easy. However most of the commercial dog foods on the market that are reasonably priced contain grains and other products that are not healthy for your dog. Buying high quality dog foods IF they are available are very expensive. Even high quality foods are not going to show the benefits of feeding a raw diet.

Two bowls, one raw and one kibble

Some of the benefits of feeding a raw diet

Cleaner teeth

Shinier, healthier coats

Reduction of body odor

Less allergy problems

Smaller stool with less odor

Less anal gland problems

dog eating raw food

There are two types of raw diets

Prey-model (believing dogs are carnivores) and BARF diet (believing dogs are omnivores)

More on different types of feeding raw


Do your research and make your own decision. Your dog will thank you.

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