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Colorizing and Tattooing your Dog

Colorizing and Tattooing Your Dog

They call it “colorizing”. Groomers have been doing this to their dogs for years but now it seems to be the craze for pet owners in Japan.

There is much controversy. Some of the concerns are:

Types of dyes used to color dogs and the effect of these dyes

The time it takes to apply the colors

Affects of the dogs attitude after being colored

Affects other dogs have seeing dogs colored

Then there is tattooing your dog. No, not the simple tattoo in the ear or hip. This is being done to not only dogs but also hairless cats and even pigs.

This procedure is usually done while the dog is under anesthesia and can be a very lengthy process. I would think finding a veterinarian to administer anesthesia could be difficult at best. Apparently only dogs with pink skin can be tattooed. The ink is absorbed in to the skin on dogs with black skin.

This “art work” is being performed on animals by some fairly famous artists.

Many people view this as cruel, many view as art.

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